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Minnesota Nice Antiques

Minnesota Nice Antiques is your ready resource for buying and selling rare paper money, postcards and collectibles from Minnesota and regional locations. Business founder Shawn Hewitt has a passion for history and items that are the props of history — bank notes, images and items of historical significance that tell stories about our past.

Shawn has been collecting paper money since age 10, and began his serious quest for hometown and home state treasures since 18. He now holds the finest collection of Minnesota Obsolete Bank Notes and Scrip ever formed, building on the work of legendary collectors in the hobby. In 2006, he and three colleagues published A History & Catalog of Minnesota Obsolete Bank Notes & Scrip, the standard reference in the field. He served the collectible paper money hobby as president of the Society of Paper Money Collectors national organization from 2017 to 2021.

In addition to paper money, Shawn continues to build on his comprehensive collection of Minnesota real photo postcards, having examples from over 1,200 locations in the state. He has over 1,000 postcards from his hometown area of Mille Lacs County, Minnesota.

And, there’s more. Shawn appreciates and seeks out interesting antique items related to state history, banking, weather and much more. There are so many cool things out there that have stories to tell.

Duplicates from these collections are frequently available for sale, along with other treasures that have become available for purchase.

Whether you are a buyer or seller of interesting antique and historical items from Minnesota and the region, contact Shawn for a worthwhile and positive experience. Email him at shawn@shawnhewitt.com or leave a message at 651.491.3331.

We want to buy paper money like you see here. If you have a note to sell, let us know.