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Doug Murray PSR Research

A “Droopy 2” In The Serial Number Easily Identifies A “Pre-Star Replacement” Note

Pre-Star Replacements (PSR’s) were printed by the BEP during the years 1903 to 1910 for Legal Tender Notes, Silver Certificates, and Gold Certificates.  They were later BEP printed during the years 1914 to 1918 for Federal Reserve Notes.

Additionally, PSR’s were likely BEP printed during 1915 to 1918 for Federal Reserve Bank Notes, but are yet unknown.

A “Droopy 2” Can Be In Some Of The First 1,000 Notes Of 1899 SC’s, 1914 FRN’s, and 1918 FRBN’s

These are not “Pre-Star Replacement Notes”, but are normal production paging serial numbers used in these first notes.

The following spreadsheets are compilations of data on PSRs by researcher Doug Murray:

Download LTN-SC-GC PSR Spreadsheet Download FRN PSR Spreadsheet Download FRBN Potential PSR Spreadsheet

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